Depression old

  • Depression is a prolonged disorder of mood which can affect day to day life
  • Difficulties can be experienced with sleep, appetite, weight, sexual interest, motivation, energy, and relationships.
  • The word depression comes from the latin to press down (depress).
  • Feeling depressed can be experienced like being pressed down, or pressing down emotions and needs.
  • Depression can be exhausting and lead to depletion of energy in the longer term.
  • Depressed emotions can include, disappointment, sadness, grief, anger, frustration, anxiety, shame, low self esteem, guilt, and joy.
  •  A common feature of depression can be negative and critical thinking.
  • unexpressed feelings eg sadness, anger, loss
  • unmet needs, and lack of action
  • negative beliefs and thinking pattern,  excessive thinking and worry
  • unprocessed life events
  • lack of self care
  • negative relationships
  • excessive stress, and trauma
  • feeling trapped and helpless, learned helplessness
  • excessive fight and flight responses
  • media influence and pressure
  • making sense of self, life events, and personal meaning
  • expressing and exploring emotions
  • addressing and reframing unhelpful thoughts and beliefs influencing negative moods (shoulds, musts, negative filtering, over-generalising, and labelling)
  • increasing self care in areas such as diet, exercise, breathing, relaxation, relationships, positive/pleasureable activities
  • tackling lists and creating short, medium and long term plans
  • gaining sense of personal power
  • addressing over-responsibility, and setting realistic expectations of self
  • increasing self empowerment
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