CRYING: Whats the point ?



Sometimes in life, and counselling, people can struggle with the need to cry, dismissing it as pointless, weak, or negative in some way.   Crying like all our emotions, serves a necessary purpose, to support us in our life experiences, and our well being.  



There are many reasons, why crying is important; relating to physical, emotional and psychological well being as follows:

  • A normal and natural response to grief, loss, distress, overwhelm, injury, hurt, fear and vulnerability
  • Indicates a need for attention, acknowledgement, care, understanding, support and comfort
  • Often there is a need is to cry with someone rather than be alone. Crying is visual for a reason, we have a need to be seen and connected with another which can also help keep our thinking rational.
  • A release mechanism from feelings and tension, crying has a natural rhythm, allowing ourselves to cry as needed helps finish the process.
  • Helps adjustment to change and adaption to loss
  • Essential in healing, if we interrupt crying this can interrupt healing.
  • If the upset feels disproportionate to the event, this can indicate unresolved/unprocessed past hurts, and loss etc.  See > inner child
  • Trust it is okay to cry… if not, how come? how have you learnt differently?
  • Noticing sadness without tears is just as important as crying.


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