Relationship Issues

What are you aware of in yourself and others?

Relationships, whether they are at work, with friends, family, or a romantic partner, often face challenges. 

When we interact with others, we deal with both conscious and unconscious factors, including similarities and differences in thoughts, feelings, beliefs, needs, and behaviors. These factors can impact the dynamic of the relationship, and are shaped by our experiences growing up. 

Our childhood experiences and past relationships can greatly influence the ease or difficulty of our current relationships.

How to address difficulties?

Relationship difficulties can be addressed and improved through counselling. During counselling, individuals can work on becoming more aware of their own thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and behaviours that may be hindering the relationship. 

By exploring their own needs and emotions, they can work on ensuring that they are being met and addressed in a healthy and respectful manner. Self-care and boundary setting is also important in determining if the individual is tolerating unacceptable behaviour. 

Effective communication is key in understanding and meeting the expectations and needs of both partners, and it is important to evaluate if one is approaching the relationship in a mature and fair manner.

Working on ourselves

When addressing relationship issues, self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-responsibility play a crucial role. Instead of focusing on why or how others behave, it is important to understand and address one’s own needs and work towards positive personal changes. 

As adults, it is our responsibility to make changes to support the relationship. However, we cannot control or force others to change and must come to terms with the realities of the relationship. There may be limits to what can be achieved in the relationship, and it is important to assess what is acceptable and what is not. 

Ultimately, we have choices in how we support our own well-being and the well-being of the relationship.

Change can also be achieved by working directly with the subconscious using audio affirmations, subliminals, and hypnosis, FREE MP3s are available below eg self confidence, relationships, brain power, procrastination, and weight loss.

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