What's Happening?

Depression is a long-lasting mood disorder that can impact everyday life. People with depression may experience issues with sleep, appetite, weight, sexual interest, motivation, energy, and relationships. The term “depression” originates from the Latin word “depress” meaning “to press down”. 

Depression can feel like being weighed down, suppressing emotions and needs. It can be draining and result in a decrease in energy over time. People with depression may experience a range of emotions such as disappointment, sadness, grief, anger, frustration, anxiety, shame, low self esteem, guilt, and the absence of joy. Negative and critical thinking is also a common symptom of depression.

Some Factors of Depression

  • Unexpressed emotions such as sadness, anger, and loss
  • Unfulfilled needs and a lack of action
  • Negative thinking patterns and beliefs, excessive worry and rumination
  • Unresolved life events
  • Neglect of self-care
  • Detrimental relationships
  • High levels of stress and traumatic experiences
  • A sense of being trapped and helpless, learned helplessness
  • Overactive fight-or-flight response
  • Pressure from media influence

What Can Help With Depression

Self-exploration and understanding of personal meaning, life events and self can be helpful in overcoming depression. This can be achieved through:

  • Processing and expressing emotions
  • Challenging and reframing negative thoughts and beliefs that contribute to negative moods
  • Practicing self-care in areas such as diet, exercise, breathing, relaxation, relationships and engaging in positive and pleasurable activities
  • Creating short, medium and long-term plans to tackle tasks and goals
  • Gaining a sense of personal power and control
  • Addressing feelings of over-responsibility and setting realistic expectations for oneself
  • Increasing self-empowerment.

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