Client testimonials are anonymous in therapy to protect the privacy and confidentiality of my clients. 

This is a fundamental aspect of the therapeutic relationship and helps create a safe and trusting environment for my clients to share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings fully and openly. By keeping their identities anonymous, my clients can feel more comfortable and secure in sharing their stories, which can be especially important when discussing sensitive or personal issues. 

Please see below my client’s testimonials

‘… I’ve found the education really helpful to make sense of my emotions and mood. I am much more mindful of myself now and am more able to manage my emotions and increase my self acceptance and state of calm…’
‘… I am so happy to have found Kathy, I feel really comfortable and safe with her, and I feel better much sooner than I expected. I find talking and making links to my past helpful and I like tapping to support me in my emotions. I understand my negative thinking much better and am able to start changing some of my negative beliefs…’
‘… I have been able to reduce my anxiety, emotional distress, and self sabotage and like myself more. I found Kathy’s way of working really helpful and that I felt safe working with her…’
‘… I have achieved so much in counselling – being able to talk freely without judgement; working with my breathing, mindfulness; thinking and emotions. I am less reactive and anxious; and more accepting, calm, and nicer to myself. I experienced my work with Kathy as incredibly useful and value my relationship with her…’
‘… I feel very at ease with Kathy, and feel more often and able to be more honest. I like the different ways of working with EFT tapping, and checking in with my emotions and body helpful…’
‘… I have been able to develop trust, and say things just how they are with less doubt and fear. I find it helpful being heard without judgement and have some structure to our work…’
‘… I have been able to be more open and honest. I find it helpful that I am challenged as I have avoidant and anxiety issues…’
‘… I feel I am coping much better with all the stresses life throws up, and my anxiety is much less. I find it helpful to use EFT tapping to move things on…'
‘… I have been able to establish a relationship where I can be more open and honest. I find it helpful being challenged and encouraged especially where I am be avoidant and anxious…’
‘… I have achieved self-understanding; getting my relationship back; and my return to work…’
‘… I have discovered how my inner child and rational self are constantly battling, and how I can work with this and address my unnecessary worrying. I like the flexibility of how we work, and the two way interaction. I have been able to trust Kathy so that I feel comfortable talking…’
‘… I have been able to talk about so many difficult things from the past and process trauma, emotions and move on. I find the combination of talking and EFT, and looking at past and present issues really helpful…’
‘… I have achieved clarity of thought; ways to combat negative thinking; an understanding about my anxiety; and a more accepting view of myself. I can also appreciate the impact of my past in relation to my behaviours in the present…’
‘… I’ve found it helpful being able to talk things through; and gain knowledge about the root of my problems. I am very thankful to Kathy for helping me get clarity, and my self control back…’
‘… I am thankful to be have been able to return to a state of normality. I found it helpful to talk through things and experience them normalised and validated. I am much more confident in myself again about the way I think and feel…’
‘… I have been able to understand reasons about why I behave the way I do that I was not previously able to figure out. I have also appreciated the exploration and validation of my feelings, and feel I have made a lot of progress…’
‘… I found it helpful being listened to and receiving feedback, counselling enabled me to consider alternative and more helpful ways of seeing things…’
‘… I have regained inner peace and am able to recognise things for what they are, maintain a balanced approach, and not worry about inconsequential things. I found the mindfulness and visualisations very helpful…’
‘… I feel more at ease, and more accepting of myself. I no longer have the fears which were worrying me. I found the tapping, and information given really helpful…’
‘… I could be open and talk about anything even if it was hard. The tapping has helped me cope with things much better…’
‘… My state of mind has greatly improve. I found this a personal experience, tailored to my needs, and it addressed my fears. I found the tapping (EFT) really helpful. Highly recommended…’
‘… I have been able understand how my mind works, and also not feel to blame for everything. It has been helpful being able to vent, free of judgement…’
‘…. So much has changed for me for the better, I have conquered my phobia and have totally changed my mindset from an anxious one to a positive and more confident one. Tapping (EFT) is definitely the best thing I have ever done…’
‘… I have improved so much from my sessions, I’m able to deal with my emotions, have healthier boundaries, and I feel renewed. Kathy helped provide the bridge to myself. I feel like I can have the future I want now, and can focus on what I want. My work has been amazing and I found the inner child work and tapping (EFT) really helpful for me….’
‘…Couple counselling has been a great help to me when I felt stuck. It has helped me going forward and making changes. I feel heard and understood by Kathy and now also by my partner…’
‘…. I value speaking freely and feeling safe. I am much more aware of my feelings and my self esteem has improved. I am able to look after myself better and make better decisions…’
‘… I have gained more awareness about what drives the way I feel. I like how Kathy is able to understand where I am coming from and always accepting of me. I experience my needs as being important…’
‘…I have learnt many coping mechanisms to help me, and I understand myself much more. I am more flexible in how I respond to issues, and am doing much more to look after myself…’
‘… I have experienced Kathy as a safe, respectful, and trusting person to work with, and connect with my emotions…’
‘…I have been able to explore the causes of my beliefs and the impact that these have had on my life. It has been helpful being listened to, being heard and acknowledged, and tapping on my emotions I am learning to look after myself….’
‘… It has been helpful having a relaxed environment, and that Kathy understand and accepts who I am without any judgement. Her guidance and support has helped me to begin to accept who I am. Best counsellor/psychotherapist I have worked with…’
‘… It has been really useful talking in a safe place and looking at my past, I feel relieved and lifted and my thinking is much better. I have benefitted so much from my sessions and I can really tell a positive difference in myself; its hard to imagine what would have happened if I had not come, I feel so grateful to Kathy…’
‘… I can see real change in myself and changes for the good. I am more self aware and able to recognize what I can do to help myself feel better…’
‘… I have been able to talk about my personal relationships and experiences from my childhood, and how they are affecting me now. I like being able to discuss my feelings and feeling listened to. I also find tapping (EFT) useful…’
‘… I am now much more self aware and able to understand where my negative thoughts are coming from and how to tackle them. I have liked being able to understand my feelings with someone else, and working with different approaches (eg cbt and tapping/eft) depending on my needs in the session. Having tried a few therapists, I have found it comfortable talking to Kathy about uncomfortable things…’
‘ …It has been helpful for me to understand how the mind works, and learning how to be calmer. I have found tapping (eft) really helpful with working through emotional issues and addressing my fears…’
‘… I feel like I have been given my life back. I have always wanted to feel normal and now I do. I am able to speak my mind without fear, and have increased my confidence to be myself…’
‘… I am now able to express my thoughts and emotions and feel better for it. I feel much more relaxed and calmer much more of the time; and I feel a much nicer person to approach. I would recommend working with Kathy to anybody …’
‘… Working with Kathy, I have made progress in making positive changes; finding a healthy balance; and reducing my self blame for situations that I am not responsible for…’
‘… I have achieved feeling less anxious, and understand better why I have certain negative thoughts and have learnt ways that help me to overcome them. I have found it helpful having a third party to talk to so I feel less alone when dealing with the stuff in my head…’
‘… Being able to talk regularly I feel lighter and have experienced improvement in my well-being. It has been helpful to have someone to listen and not worry about being judged …’
‘… Talking things through has enabled me to make some difficult decisions. I have found it helpful being listened to, understood and having the continuity of my sessions. Kathy is very kind and approachable…’
‘… I have found Kathy a very safe space, she is very genuine and empathic and I feel heard and validated…’
‘…Working with Kathy, has meant that I have been able to talk at my own pace, and that I am no longer avoiding thoughts and issues I need to address. Talking about past abuse and how everyday things can effect me or stir up thoughts and memories has really helped me…’
‘… I have found Kathy skillful in speaking, listening and understanding issues that I cannot always put into words…’
‘…I have liked the fact that Kathy has really helped me feel at ease in the sessions and I feel I am always accepted whatever I talk about…’
‘… I have found it helpful to talk about things that I wouldn’t talk to anyone else about. I have been able to understand the cause of my problems and become aware of my own behaviours which have not been helping me… ‘
‘… I have been able to start thinking more about myself and take in consideration my own feelings. I understand myself much more, I am more patient, and I have been able to address my anger issues. I like the fact that I can talk about my problems openly and without any shame…’
‘… I have found counselling a good opportunity to talk about my issues, and do things differently. I definitely feel better overall, with very little anxiety, more confidence, feeling lighter, and less emotional..’
‘… What I have found most beneficial is being able to discuss things which I wouldn’t normally admit to myself. Kathy’s professional, and feeling I can trust her to be open and honest, has meant that I am able to consider my situations more carefully so that I make better decisions for myself. Her guidance has really helped me see things from different perspectives so that I can achieve how I want to feel, and experience my life…’
‘… Counselling has enabled me to appreciate the influence of others in my life, and my role in my circumstances. I have made much progress and I am thankful for Kathy’s kindness and nurture in helping me… ‘
‘… I was referred to Kathy via my workplace for short term counselling. She has helped me get through a really difficult time and it’s hard to imagine how I would have managed this without her. I have liked her supportive feedback, engagement and rapport. I am very thankful, and highly recommend her… ‘
‘… Whilst working with Kathy, I have achieved feeling more confident, less anxious and being able to challenge myself to do much more of the things I want to do. It has been really helpful for me to be listened to and experience an understanding of why I have felt the way I have…’
‘… I feel so much better than when I first started counselling. What I have found most beneficial is being able to face the issues which are difficult to open and honest about to myself and with other people and family. I have found it helpful revisiting issues which has lead me to develop making better decisions for myself. Kathy has continually supported me to consider how I might do things differently based on how I feel/don’t want to feel/or want to feel in the future… ‘
‘… I have felt like I am accepted and that the way I feel is for a reason. I experience Kathy as being there just for me and for no other reason. I have been able to vent frustrations which has reduced the anger and tension I was feeling feeling everyday…’
‘… I have experienced counselling as a safe space to talk. I have learnt how to challenge my thoughts and to pause before reacting to things… ‘
‘… I have been able to look at different ways of relating and behaving, and make sense of why I feel overwhelmed sometimes. I have found it helpful having time to focus on myself and not have to worry about burdening someone else with it all…’
‘… Counselling has helped me feel lighter and more myself. It is somewhere I have the freedom to express my feelings especially my hurt. It helps me not feel alone, and normalises how I feel. I have found it a brilliant experience and support…’
‘… I have enjoyed being able to talk honestly about stuff without being judged, and it has been comforting to be with Kathy and her compassion. I have been able to face my issues and emotions with honesty which has helped me with self acceptance. This has given me the chance to move on and build a confidence and trust in myself to make informed decisions whilst still keeping spontaneity in life… ‘
‘… Kathy has helped me enormously. Her understanding, patience, guidance and life changing acceptance, has enabled me to gain a real understanding about the link between my past and present; heal from an abusive past; and move forward with strength, balance, and calmness… ‘
‘… Kathy provides a warm and safe environment in which no subject is taboo. I have been able to explore my issues of grief, and feel well supported in gaining further self understanding…’
‘… I have found it helpful having an independent person to challenge me and my thinking and assumptions. I have also found it helps me to have some of my experiences normalised. I am slowly learning to listen to my gut instincts…’
‘… I feel much stronger and attuned with my feelings; and I am able to accept myself with less negative thoughts. I have found many things helpful with Kathy, a sense of security, her understanding and patience, and her unending guidance to help me reach a point where I am okay with me…’
‘… I am more aware about my thoughts and feelings, and am now able to value myself and what I need to do to be happy. I have been able to make changes to my thinking and behaviour which has increased my self esteem, and self confidence, thank you… ‘
‘… I have found that I feel calmer after talking through things, and that my thinking is much clearer. I have also found it helpful to talk about my relationship with my parents which has helped me gain insight into some of my difficulties… ‘
‘… counselling has enabled me to feel more positive and motivated to put things into action. I feel Kathy listens to everything I say and replies in a kind and helpful manner…’
‘… Kathy’s support and guidance has been invaluable. My perspective on issues has changed for the better, and I am more able to make sense of my emotions and how to deal with them. I always feel at ease and in a safe non-judgemental environment, and at all times experience Kathy as being appropriately professional…’
‘… it has been helpful to learn how my past affects my present. I have experienced that I can be helped and healed in time. I have experienced that I can trust, and be secure that I will not be judged, and accepted for me… ‘
‘… I now have a better understanding of myself and the issues I had with self esteem when I was younger. counselling has helped me understand the way I feel, and has helped me make changes and move forwards…’
‘… I have been able to talk without the fear of being dismissed. I can now understand some of my problems as normal and not feel so bad…’
‘… I have found it helpful having someone who listens to me. I am now more able to say no to things, and I have more understanding about my feelings… ‘
‘… counselling has helped me gain clarity regarding many of the issues I am addressing. I feel Kathy always supports me in making sense of what is going on for me, and I have found the additional information offered helpful and meaningful…’
‘ … I’ve found my sessions really helpful in dealing with my anxiety and emotional overwhelm. Being in a safe and non judgemental environment enabled me to gain insight into my difficulties. Kathy has helped me find coping strategies, and to understand how my past can affect my present, and how I can make changes to help me….’
‘… I have been able to offload in a comfortable way, and speak about my feelings in detail with no judgement. By discussing things, I have been able to finalise issues of concern, and having come into counselling very open minded, I am very impressed with the service…’
‘ … I have found my counselling very worthwhile. I’ve always felt comfortable to talk and I have liked the balance of freedom and structure in our work. Counselling has helped me sort out my confusion and understand myself better. I have also been able to look at difficult emotions and feel much better…’
‘… I am now more self aware, and aware of how I experience others. Kathy has been really helpful in supporting me with my issues and flexible with my needs …’
‘ … I am really grateful for the support, encouragement, and guidance I have received which has helped me to make so many positive changes ...’
‘ … counselling has given me the opportunity to open up and be honest. It has helped me understand as to why I am the way I am, and gain more confidence and self esteem …’
‘ … thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Working with you has felt like a safe place for me to look at things which have been really difficult …’
‘… I value all the change I have been able to make. Thank you for all your help and support – you have been fantastic …’
‘ … thank you doesn’t express how grateful I am for all your kindness – you are a wonderful caring lady …’

Please note that due to the high demand for my services and my commitment to providing quality care to my clients, I may not always have the availability to take on new clients. If I am full at this time, I apologize for any inconvenience.