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  • Issues with relationships are very common whether it be at work, with friends, family or partner.
  • When people relate with each other they are often working with things which are obvious to each other and sometimes things which are not obvious and at an unconscious level.
  • There might be similarities, differences, fears, expectations, needs, beliefs, and behaviours which support or hinder the relationship.
  • These similar and differing thoughts, feelings and behaviours can be influenced by what we have experienced growing up.
  • When we have experienced different or similar styles of upbringing and relationships to our partner, we can experience relationships varying from easy going to challenging and unbearable.



When we have difficulties with our relationships we can explore this further in counselling by:

  • becoming aware and addressing our own unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, expectations and behaviours
  • understanding our needs, and ensuring we address them in a respectful way to ourselves and others
  • exploring our emotions and understand how they can support us in relationships
  • addressing issues of self care, and boundaries; are we tolerating unacceptable behaviour?
  • ensuring clear communication so that expectations and needs are understood and agreed
  • explore if we are conducting ourselves in an adult way ie being reasonable, rational, respectful and fair



  • When working with relational issues, it is important to address self-understanding, self-acceptance,  and self-responsibility.
  • Whilst we may struggle to know why or how someone else can be the way they are, we can always know or strive to know more about ourselves.
  • We can work towards addressing our own needs, making positive changes and personal development.
  • It is the responsibility of the adult to make personal changes which may be needed to support the relationship.
  • We cannot expect to control or force others to change and therefore we also have to come to terms with the reality we have.
  • There are often limits of what is achievable within our relationships, and we need to look at what we are willing or not willing to accept
  • We always have choices about how we help support our own well being, and the well-being of the relationship.

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