It is common to experience changes in moods and thinking around menstruation time.  There are lots of changes going on in the body which affect blood sugar, and hormones which affect how we feel and think.  Self care is particularly important for women around their time of the month and so it might be useful to consider some of the following tips if you find you experience difficulties at this time.

– keep a diary to plan or make allowances as best as you can around this time of the month so that you can get more rest, reducing commitments as much as possible.

– if you are experiencing strong feelings, are there issues which you are not addressing? are you pushing things away which are important and bothering you; things which need attention?

– to help with the physical induced symptoms it is useful to reduce salt, caffeine, sugar and pay attention to a colourful healthy diet.

– around the first day/s,  focussing on gentle time, music, meditation, oils, having a bath, being gentle and easy on yourself.

– seeing this as a time to take a monthly break, a time to reflect and look within, things you may need to address, writing down anything significant for you.

– respecting your natural rhythm, if we don’t feel up to going at our normal pace, the body is probably asking for you to slow down a bit, or rest.

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