Spiritual/Self Growth

Change, Healing and Spiritual Growth Coaching

  • Are you motivated and committed to develop your self-awareness, make personal changes, solve problems, and heal old wounds?
  • Would you like to increase your positivity, peace of mind, self understanding and sense of achievement
  • Would you like to change negative thinking and limiting beliefs?
  • Would you like to improve your emotional, mental and physical health?
  • I can help you develop and improve your self awareness, self understanding, mindset, health, personal growth, and healing.
  • Working with mindset-management, psychoeducation, coaching, cbt, emotional freedom technique, energy/spiritual awareness and mindfulness.
  • Sessions can be arranged as and when needed eg one-offs, weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc…
  • Spiritual Development/Energy Awareness
  • Support in developing energetic awareness – Using energetic awareness to improve peace, and calm in life
  • Understanding the law of attraction, and how we attract what we want and don’t want in our life
  • Working with your shadow
  • Spiritual development improves sense of peace in daily life.  Change can also be achieved by working directly with the subconscious using audio affirmations, subliminals, and hypnosis, FREE MP3s are available below eg self confidence, relationships, law of attraction, brain power, procrastination, and weight loss etc.



If you are interested in spiritual growth coaching in Nuthall, Nottingham please contact me:

Kathy Brown  see > home page

Email: kathycbrown22@gmail.com

Text or Call: 07583988552