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What is Meridian Psychotherapy

  • Meridian Psychotherapy is a therapeutic technique also known as Energy Psychology.
  • It is a blend of psychological talking therapy, with an energy healing technique known as EFT (emotional freedom technique).
  • The therapeutic effects of EFT have been clinically evidenced as effective, and can be remarkably quick.

How does Meridian Psychotherapy work

  • Explores problems and provides treatment which helps give prompt relief to emotional problems.
  • Calms and neutralises negative and limited thoughts, difficult emotional states, upsetting events and memories, and trauma etc
  • Thoughts and feelings can cause disruptions in the body’s meridian systems, and activate the fight and flight system.
  • Helps restore balance by releasing blocked energy systems hence reducing the distress experienced emotionally.
  • Calms the fight and flight response/amygdala which may be triggered with certain ways of thinking and feeling.
  • Works towards helping the brain re-file upsetting events as neutral so that stress and anxiety are no longer triggered.
  • Research data at the Harvard Medical School and within psychology journals refer to the benefits of working with specific meridian acupoints
  • Working with the acupoints reduces the amygdala activity in the brain related to  fear, stress, phobias, ptsd, trauma and anxiety etc.

How is Meridian Psychotherapy performed

  • The energy pathways around the body, are known as Meridians and each relate to specific organs, body systems and emotions.
  • Each Meridian has an endpoint which surfaces on the skin known as an accupoint.
  • Meridian Psychotherapy takes place by exploring the varying aspects of the client’s difficulties and problems experienced
  • The client taps on their own meridian accupoints whilst the therapist taps on herself  to help show the client
  • The client needs to focus on the negative aspect of the problem
  • A score is taken for the level of distress experienced for that problem (between 0-10)
  • With the guidance of the therapist, the client talks about his problem, whilst tapping.
  • Each routine of tapping is known as a round, and after each round a new score can be taken
  • As the score reduces the client sees how the much the distress has reduced
  • Further rounds continue until the distress is sufficiently reduced
  • As the score for the negative emotion reduces, the focus can naturally change towards more of a positive way of thinking
  • Final rounds focus on affirmations and inspiration.

How is Meridian Psychotherapy experienced

  • Similar to when experiencing other therapeutic interventions, an abreaction may be experienced whereby there is a discharge of body energy.
  • This abreaction may vary in form such as shaking, feeling emotional or crying and signifies the release of supressed emotions and trauma.

Issues which Meridian Psychotherapy can help address include:

Anger, Sadness, Anxiety, Guilt, Grief, Depression

Phobias, Allergies, Addictions,

Stress, Post-traumatic Stress, Trauma, Abuse

Childhood Issues, Negative Memories

Psychosomatic disorders, Physical Pain


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