LOW SELF ESTEEM – How does it develop?

  WHAT IS LOW SELF ESTEEM Self Esteem is about how we think, evaluate and feel about ourselves.  When we have a generally negative view about ourselves this can be termed as Low Self Esteem.   It means we can ignore or be unaware of our positive traits, have negative and self-limiting beliefs, lack self care, and experience an inner negative voice (inner self critic).  These unhelpful thoughts and experiences can also lead to difficult feelings eg sadness, guilt, anger and shame, which can contribute to depression.   HOW CAN IT DEVELOP Low Self Esteem can develop from childhood,  when we repetitively experience: – criticism, judgement, lack of acceptance – negative and abusive relationships – absence of positive... Read More »

EMOTIONS – Why they are important

  IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION   Emotions serve many purposes and communicate many things which are important for us to know, learn from. They are specific reactions to a particular event.  It can therefore be very useful to be aware and informed by our emotions rather than trying to ignore, deny, or push them away somewhere.     HOW THEY INFORM AND SUPPORT US    Some of the useful things emotions inform and support us with are:    protection, self care and boundaries knowing what is okay  and not okay for us, gaining support, comfort and understanding needed getting our needs met changing our behaviour processing  experiences, and difficult life events releasing tension and stress experiences of  loss and... Read More »

CRYING: Whats the point ?

  HEALTHY FUNCTION Sometimes in life, and counselling, people can struggle with the need to cry, dismissing it as pointless, weak, or negative in some way.   Crying like all our emotions, serves a necessary purpose, to support us in our life experiences, and our well being.     IMPORTANT AND BENEFICIAL There are many reasons, why crying is important; relating to physical, emotional and psychological well being as follows: A normal and natural response to grief, loss, distress, overwhelm, injury, hurt, fear and vulnerability Indicates a need for attention, acknowledgement, care, understanding, support and comfort Often there is a need is to cry with someone rather than... Read More »